Starting from the war, July 1967, Motaba River Valley, Zaire, Mercenary Camp. A strange disease attacked the army camp, so that many war soldiers died. However, when all hoped that cruel improvements would be improved, the superiors instructed that the scorching immediately be carried out in the affected area. Until about 30 years later there was news in the Zaire region that was infected with a strange virus that was deadly and very quickly attacked the body’s cells.

A colonel named Sam Daniels and his team continued to conduct field and laboratory tests to find the cause of the virus outbreak, and the result was the same virus as in 1967. 85616a1d1a5d121430d7994ac6c9f583 The fact was when the leaders at U.S. already know the cause and spread of the virus, the leader already knows and predicts how that will happen, legitimacy makes the leader in the film, especially the president (Donnie) hide the historical facts who prefer to destroy the virus with a mass bombing as happened in Zaire, 1967. He did this because there was a relationship between civil rights and cooperation and relations with other parties and other countries.

What needs to be underlined is when Colonel Sam Daniels as USAMRIID (United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Disease) and his team continue to conduct research that approaches the bright spot, but again the holders of power continue to block him with his soldiers, even when only giving orders to warn medical experts at the CDC (Centers of Diseases Control) is also very difficult despite evidence that the outbreak has resurfaced. The head of the CDC said that only to announce warnings about the virus outbreak requires large funds. This makes the subordinates who want to fight just wait for instructions and see the many casualties.

Because the number of victims who fell and began to spread to various regions in America, Sam and his team continued to try to find a serum that could cure the plague. However, again Sam and his team discovered the fact that president Ford and his subordinate Billy had long discovered the serum that was not announced or directly for treatment, because from the beginning the president banned his men from appearing in front of the press because it could destroy power and mention the facts which exists. After Sam and the team found the antidote serum, they rushed to find a host that was useful for healing the citizens. Unfortunately, the president and the authorities in America have agreed to carry out conventional cleansing or what is called biological eradication.

When there is an antidote serum, why does the president keep trying to bomb the area? Even though many civilians who don’t know anything have to bear all this and the severity of the bombing will occur, there is no guarantee that the virus will disappear completely because of its rapid and vicious spread factor. Surprisingly, the pilots who were ordered by the president to bomb the area did not do so, so their sense of humanity was higher than the orders of their rulers.

In the film there are values ​​of human security (human security) that are focused on health problems, precisely diseases caused by the St. virus. Motaba, meaning that in this case human security as human security, humans have the right to be protected from various things including the spread of a deadly plague as well as efforts to protect both physically and psychologically (trauma). So what is done by USAMRIID & CDC is included in human security activities. Unfortunately when there are political crimes committed by President Donnie and his supporters because of covering up facts and history that is very detrimental to human security. The serum that has been found cannot be applied directly before approaching the white building and even then only his party can use it.

Because of this the president did not implement the joint security which was previously the beginning of human security. Because the security of each individual is more important than mere power. A ruler should not do that because only the words that say a few words can cause others misery and suffering. Citizens should not feel miserable, have not thought about the effects caused, such as trauma, sadness, feeling alone, far from family and can not do other activities like citizens.

So in this case every disease that even occurred in the past must be explained in order to prevent humanity from happening again. In essence, that in an event both inside and outside the country there is the interference of a power and the existence of other elements as happened around us.

This film by Wolfgang Petersen succeeded in making the world stunned at that time, in addition to the players who played with epic and video quality and very sophisticated equipment at that time also raised about dangerous diseases that could wipe out people in the world if not prevented. This film can broaden your horizons in politics, law, social and health. But like a thriller, this film is a little disgusting for someone who does not like blood or violence because in the film a lot of victims who contract the virus emit a lot of blood throughout his body because their body temperature reaches 100 degrees Celsius, like the size of boiling water.

This film was awarded the National Society of Film Critics. There is a question related to the president in the film, namely when the attitude of a leader in responding to a deadly virus outbreak did also occur in the real world, a kind of Ebola virus that occurred in Africa a few years ago, although in Africa but still some ruling countries took over the rules, but who knows? it’s just a movie.