Resensi Film Tomb Raider 2018 : Sensasi Berbeda Akting Alicia ...

The title of the film above must be familiar to film fans in general and who like to play games. Tomb Raider is a popular series thanks to its game series. Although including a series that is quite old (because it was popular in 2003), since the reboot of the game that was started in 2013 by a well-known Japanese company, Square Enix, the Tomb Raider series became famous again. Square Enix is ​​most commonly known through its game series, Final Fantasy. So that characteristic can be seen in the game Tomb Raider (2013) from the character Lara Croft who increasingly looks realistic.

A little story about the game version, the ancient Tomb Raider series is identical to the figure of Lara Croft, the main character of the series, who looks sexy, and the image is getting stronger after the film starring Angelina Jolie. But since the reboot game in 2013 with the same title (Tomb Raider), Lara’s image has changed to become more young, although there is still a slight sexy impression brought by the game makers. ?

So in the film Tomb Raider (2018), in my opinion actress Alicia Vikander is very suitable and good in bringing the role of Lara Croft and also the aura of her young children felt. Actually it was a little doubtful before watching the film, and I had little to know about the fans of the game who were also as skeptical as the choice of this actress. Not to mean body shaming, but indeed the figure of Alicia who tends to be thinner than the character of Lara in her game that is more contained is indeed one of the factors causing such doubts. In addition, the game adaptation to movies is often disappointing because things are different. But that is not a big problem in my opinion in this film Tomb Raider (2018). Following the review, seen from several aspects.

Story plot

In terms of the story itself, the outline is the same as the game version of Tomb Raider (2013), so it can be predicted that the film Tomb Raider will become a trilogy because the game itself will be a trilogy. The beginning of the film is still the same as the game version, which is about Lara Croft, a child from the family of Croft conglomerate whose father mysteriously disappeared. After that Lara found a clue about where her father went and he followed, namely to a mysterious island called Yamatai where there is a legend about the cruel queen named Himiko.

At this point, the story is exactly the same as the game version, although the game version starts directly from Lara’s part of the ship. After Lara’s points arrived at Yamatai Island, the story began to take a different direction from the game version until the ending appeared.

Actually I prefer the plot of the game version than the one presented in this film. The plot of the game is indeed more absurd and maybe that’s what makes this film team change quite dramatically the storyline in the film, but to be honest finally the story in this film becomes more cliche. Even so fortunately the essence of the story is still the same (well, if it changes it might be difficult to connect with the other two films).

Despite the cliches, the story is still exciting because it is supported by suspense and action throughout the film which is quite tense. Just imagine Lara who incidentally is a woman fighting hand combat with an enemy who is male and plus works as a mercenary or hitman. Or the part where Lara almost fell from a very high waterfall. Well indeed the game was as tense as this, even more “sadistic” again.


The players’ acting was good, especially Alicia Vikander’s acting as Lara was very good. I don’t know, maybe my assessment can be a little biased because I already like the character of Lara Croft, but on the contrary I can say that it’s very good because the change in expression and tone of tone in some parts feels cool and bad-ass not to mention the fighting part that reportedly stunts- it was done directly by the actress.


From the music it is good, but nothing too flashy and sometimes ordinary. Well in general it fits the film scene.


In terms of shooting nothing is too special, but not bad either.

Thus my review of the film Tomb Raider (2018). For me as a gamer it is rather disappointed because some stories are not the same as the game version, but still fun to watch and suitable for an audience who doesn’t play the game because the story has been adjusted to make more sense.